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Cosmic Energy - 100x120cm-Mixed Technique on Canvas
Lunar Eclipse - 100x120cm- Mixed Tecnique on Canvas(*)
Illusion- 100x100cm-Mixed technique on Canvas

The deep 100x120cm

Oil on Canvas

PassingThrough- 60x60cm-Oil on Canvas
I'm in everywhere - 50x60cm-Oil on Canvas
Journey to The Moon- 45x60cm-Oil on Canvas
Pioneer- 40x60cm-Oil on Canvas
Exist in Universe- 80x100cm-Oil on Canvas
Hard To Live - 26x36cm-Acrylic on Cartoon
Root- 26x36cm-Acrylic on Cartoon
Lost Your Way?-26x36cm-Acrylic on Cartoon
Player - 26x36cm-Acrylic on Cartoon
Emphaty - 26x36cm-Acrylic on Cartoon(*)
Whose world -42x54cm- Acrylic on Canvas
Other World -26x36cm-Acrylic on Cartoon (*)


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