Date of Birth : Born in Ankara - Turkiye in 1960.

Experience :


Paintings were chosen worth to exhibit in Turkish Monopoly Traditional Painting Contest 8.,9.,10. and 11.

• Paintings were chosen worth to exhibit in Turkish Navy Traditional Painting Contest 1.,2.,3. and 4.

• Won first prize from Turkish Horseman Club 3rd Painting Contest.

• Joined several mixed exhibitions in the galleries in Istanbul and Ankara.

1996 - First personal exhibition in Erenköy IsBank Art Gallery-Istanbul

1997 - Second personal exhibition in Harbiye Yasarbank Art Gallery-Istanbul

2001 - Third personal exhibition in Taksim Art Gallery-Istanbul

2002 - Forth personal exhibition in ZiraatBankCultural Center –Ankara

2003 - Fifth personal exhibiton in Orumcek Atelier-Istanbul

2004 –Sixth personal exhibiton in Istanbul CRR Concert Hall

2006 –Seventh personal exhibiton in Istanbul-Taksim ISO Art Gallery

2008–Eighth personal exhibiton in Istanbul-Taksim AKM Art Gallery

Education : 1978–1982 Graduate from Istanbul Academy of Fine Arts -Design and Interior Architecture Faculty

Medium : Acrylic and/or oil on Canvas